Iphone Xs Max Battery Case

SKU: XDL-619

Slim and Sexy battery case with magnet and wireless charging features overcharge protection, temperature protection, Drop protection, Overvoltage protection, Short curcuit protection, and Anti-foreign objects protection. Measuring only 11.5mm in width, it is slim and feels great in hands. 

  • Notice

    Keep the product dy and clean. Do not place metal or other foreign objects on the wireless chargin area. 

    The battery should be charged at least every three months to avoid shortening the battery life. 

  • Parameter

    Product: Wireless battery Case                       

    Input:  DC 5V/1.5A(Max)

    Output: DC 5W (Wireless charging)   

    Battery: Grade A Lithium Polymer battery 


  • Packing List

    Phone Case                        X 1

    Wireless Battery Case         X 1 

    User's Manual                     X1